Most Awkward Moments You Missed on Last Night’s Awkward

Awkward poster

Last night on Awkward, Matty and Jake spent the night in jail while Jenna and Tamara spent the night at Luke’s  college during finals. Let’s just say that plenty of awkward things happened in both places.

When Jenna and Tamara first got to Luke’s, they just barged into his room and found him there, SHIRTLESS, with another girl!

Jenna Awkward gif

But thankfully we could breathe a sigh of relief right afterwards because it turns out that she is his gay best friend, Shane. Phew!

Meanwhile, Jake and Matty had to pretend to be all tough in prison when they are so, so not. It also didn’t help that Jake really had to go number 2 the entire time, but he couldn’t do it since the toilets are right in the middle of the cells and all.Jake really has to go 1

Luke had some serious studying to do when Jenna just popped up on him like that because it was time for finals, and anyone who’s ever taken college finals knows that it’s nothing to take lightly. Jenna didn’t really get it though, which (sorry Jenna) made her kind of annoying at first.Jenna and Luke studying

Thankfully she eventually understood how important these things are when Luke told her he was attending school on scholarship.

One of the best parts of the show last night was when Matty was complaining to his fellow bunk mate about being adopted and how horrible his parents are. The guy couldn’t help but laugh at Matty’s rich white kid problems, to put it bluntly. It was about time someone put things in perspective for him.

Remember Luke’s best friend Shane? Yeah, she and Tamara seriously bonded over their love for time management and shopping trips to Staples… so much that it lead to this:

Tamara kiss1Tamara kiss2

Sadie came to Jake and Matty’s rescue to help get them out of jail. She had a plan all figured out about making the jail look bad for locking up a pair of adorable minors and how if they didn’t let them out they’d all be mall cops for the rest of their sad lives. When Jake asked her how she knew all this she said, duh – Orange is the New Black – which reminded us how freaking stoked we are for the premiere of its second season this Friday, June 6th! We have to love it when one great show gets mentioned in another great show.

Sadie you're welcome gif

And finally, we just HAVE to talk about how friggin awful Eva is! Jenna did try to help get Matty and Jake out of jail, and Eva completely lied to Matty about it!

Jenna Eva1Jenna Eva2

AND it led to this, which makes us hate her even more!

Eva Matty kiss

Ugh, that sketchy skitch.

Tune into MTV next Tuesday for more Awkward moments!

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